Comfortable and mobile house

You can live anywhere: on the beach, in the woods, in the middle of the lake. The module weighs only 3,000 kg and is easy to transport.


How it works



Simply pick your future house from our product catalogue.



Choose the place for your future home. We ship it anywhere in the world.



Your Nestron comes fully furnished. Unpack, plug in and live.

Comfortable country life


House for the price of a living room

“Unangan Home” - the most budget option, which combines the advantages of living outside the city and the comfort of a city apartment.


Minimum investment

Installation for 1,000 dollars: for a house weighing only 3 tons, six piles and several hours of work are enough.

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UNANGAN - live wherever you want

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UNANGAN - live wherever you want

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UNANGAN - live wherever you want

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UNANGAN - live wherever you want

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UNANGAN - live wherever you want

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UNANGAN - live wherever you want

Our collections

Business of the future

Look into the future, now people do not need large apartments and houses. Open your first mini-hotel chain, restaurant, retail space with our help. Unanagan Home is the best option for starting a business.

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Unangan Home - does not require additional construction. The house is in fully assembled condition. Buy and start a new life.

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No long Construction

The house is produced at the factory and will delivered to the site in finished form.




For installation and installation

The finished house is assembled in 1 day. Only long-distance delivery and communications to the site can increase the period.



For production of your home

Production of the module from scratch will take several months, the period depends on the model and workload of production. You can choose any materials for decoration, equipment and furniture.

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We are always excited to learn more about your needs, and will be happy to offer you any information about Unangan Home house, shipping and all the sales process details. Having problems with the form? Drop us a message directly on hello@unangan.home

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